FotoKem's research and development group has been engineering solutions for the motion picture industry for decades.
The software group of the R&D team works in conjunction with our engineers and workflow specialists to design and create
revolutionary production and post production solutions.


FotoKem's premiere media management, dailies, and
production workflow platform, built from the ground up
by our in-house development team.


Our new web application will automatically build a
gorgeous and functional workflow diagram based
on camera choices, recording technology, and
deliverables through DI.

nextLAB Live

FotoKem's nextLAB Live software is a easy-to-use on-set tool
for the application of a LUT and CDL Color from a live camera
feed. FotoKem's vetted color pipeline that 'just works' from
dailies through finishing starts here.


FotoKem’s new customized dailies player offers a high quality
HD, 2K, or 4K color calibrated viewing solution in the privacy
of your own room or in a theater environment.


A powerful media collaboration and distribution platform that
enables clients to review, approve, and distribute short and
long-form content to any desired location, quickly and securely.


The backbone technology of FotoKem's global network is the
most secure and efficient way to send digital files anywhere
in the world.


FRAMES is an ipad review and communication tool for
cinematographers that would like to look at stills from every
take with or without color grades, and the added ability to
send notes or live grades directly back to dailies colorist.